Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to verify my age to use MAGNOLIA?

In order to comply with state law, starting July 1, 2023, users will be asked to verify their age before entering their access code. Users under 18 will only be able to see age-appropriate content.

To access the databases, visit your school, public, community college, or university library, or contact the Mississippi Library Commission to request your institution’s code at 877-KWIK-REF or If you have concerns about material found in MAGNOLIA, please visit this link:

How do I get an access code to use MAGNOLIA?

If you are a student at a publicly funded K-12 school or community college, ask your school librarian for the access code for the institution where you are enrolled.

Anyone in the state of Mississippi can request an access code from their local public library or access the databases on-site at the public library.

University students in Mississippi can access the databases by logging into their university library website.

If you are a librarian or educator in Mississippi and need help or have a question about accessing MAGNOLIA please contact us.

The computers at my school or library used to sign in to MAGNOLIA automatically, now they don't. What happened?

We use the IP address for the network at your school or library to access to computers on that network. If the number has changed or been entered incorrectly this will not work as expected.

You can help us fix the issue by looking at the very bottom of the MAGNOLIA website, where it says "Your public IP address:" followed by a number. Please copy and paste this number along with the name of your school or library in a message to us.

In the meantime, if you know your access code ("magn" followed by four numbers) you can always use that to access MAGNOLIA from any computer.

What databases are available?

See a list of all MAGNOLIA databases.

How do I ask for help using MAGNOLIA?

To report any problems or to request help using MAGNOLIA please send us a message with as much detail as possible about the issue and we will get back to you with a solution.

Where can teachers learn about incorporating MAGNOLIA into their lesson plans?

You can find links to workshops, training materials, and lesson plans on the Resources page for Librarians and Educators.

Does Britannica support the use of Clever for single sign on?

If your school utilizes Clever for your students and faculty to access school resources, you can setup Clever to work with Britannica. Using Cleverwill make it much easier for students to access MAGNOLIA from home because it handles the authentication. Through Clever, they will not have to enter a location id to start using the resource.

To add this functionality, your Clever administrator will need to login to Clever and request to add the Britannica School Edition app. When Britannica Support receives your request, the Clever District ID will be included for registration on your account. Once Britannica approves the request, an email will be sent to alert you that you can begin using this service.

If you need additional information, email

Do we have access to high school edition of Britannica?

Due to limited funding, we do not have access to Britannica School for the high school level. MAGNOLIA is only able to provide access to the PreK - 8 grade versions at this time.

Where can I learn more about Britannica Schools?

To learn more about Britannica Fundamentals, Britannica School Elementary and Britannica School Middle, visit our regional resource page. This page provides information on technical support, live and recorded training, curriculum support and more.

How can I access the admin account for OCLC WorldCat or FirstSearch?

A librarian or administrator who needs access to the admin module to customize OCLC WorldCat/FirstSearch can email for assistance.

What is the Explora interface?

The new Explora experience for school libraries ensures that students, educators, and library patrons can quickly find the reliable information they need to complete homework and research projects, deliver robust school curricula, achieve their professional goals, and satisfy their intellectual curiosity. Databases are selected based on grade-level appropriateness.

I need a readers advisory tool. What database should I use?

NoveList has been helping readers find their next favorite book for more than 25 years and continues to develop innovative solutions for connecting readers, books, and libraries. By helping libraries help readers, NoveList empowers libraries to engage and inspire their communities. Learn more at