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Lesson Plans

Building A School Community
Grade 4

This listening/speaking exercise will help students get to know one another.

Subject: Social Sciences
Cinderella Webquest
Grade 10-12

Students learn how culture and time in history affect folktales and our perceptions of history.

Subject: History / Government
Europeans Settle in America: The Road to Revolution
Grade 8

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the English Colonies, be able to discuss European rivalry in North America, explain the importance of the French and Indian War in North America, discuss how the colonists protested British taxes, and discuss why fighting broke out at Lexington and Concord.

Subject: History / Government
Grade 3-5

Students learn about forest ecosystems and sustainability.

Subject: Science
Hispanic Biographies in References
Grade 5-6

Students use reference materials to learn about notable people of Hispanic heritage.

Subject: Social Sciences; Library Skills
How Animals Meet Their Needs
Grade 1-2

Students learn about animal habitats and how animals can be found in places that meet their nutritional and safety needs.

Subject: Science
Grade 5-6

Students are encouraged to become interested in inventing by becoming familiar with famous inventors.

Subject: Gifted
Library Orientation
Grade 10-12

Students will become familiar with library resources.

Subject: English / Literature; Library Skills
The Mini Olympics
Grade 4-5

Students learn about units of measurement through fun "mini-Olympics" activities.

Subject: Science
My Hero
Grade 5-6

Students honor victims and heroes of 9/11/01 through original poetry.

Subject: History / Government; English / Literature
Number Hop
Grade 1

Students are rewarded for correctly solving math problems with a hopping race.

Subject: Mathematics; Physical Education
Ottoman Empire
Grade 10

Students learn about the Ottoman Empire from founding to fall.

Subject: History / Government
Papermaking As a Science Fair Project
Grade 5-6

Students learn how paper is made, and are encouraged to consider papermaking and other activities as science fair projects.

Subject: Science
Reference Readiness
Grade 7-8

Students will learn how to choose, find, and use six basic reference books.

Subject: Library Skills
Rivets, Wings, and Baseball Bats
Grade 11

Students investigate the role of women in World War II.

Subject: History / Government
The Sharecrop System, Yesterday and Today
Grade 11

Students will learn about the institution of sharecropping as it is practiced today and as it was practiced in U. S. history.

Subject: History / Government
Skip Chase
Grade 2

Students demonstrate their skipping skill in an exciting chase.

Subject: Physical Education
Spanish: Storyline Introduction and Development
Grade K

Students explore how to greet and take leave of each other, how to compare large and small objects, and more.

Subject: Foreign Languages
Target War Ball
Grade 2

Students learn to throw a ball overhand.

Subject: Physical Education
Teenage Hobos During the Great Depression
Grade 11

This lesson focuses on the teenage hobos who joined their elders in riding the rails in search of jobs, or sometimes just to find an adventure.

Subject: History / Government
Understanding Library Skills
Grade 7

Students learn about the Dewey Decimal System through a library scavenger hunt.

Subject: Library Skills


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